Tiger And Bunny Precure

The promo picture

This is CureSonic`s 1st series and it`s theme is the characters of Tiger and Bunny.

—  This is a Pretty Cure version of the anime itself. Each girl has a power from the 8 superheroes.

—  This is a Pretty Cure version of the anime itself. Each girl has a power from the 8 superheroes.

Here is the cast:


Kelly Karin/Cure Neon

Kelly is from Canada and she migrated to Beijing after her dad heard of the battle and he wants her daughter to save the team of Tiger and Bunny. One week she came to the animal shelter and found Kotesu. Kotesu gave Kelly a emerald and a green watch. Kelly turned into Cure Neon. Her attack is Neon Circle.

Kelly karin

Cure Neon`s human form

Brianna Barlow/Cure Wild

Brianna is Kelly`s BFF and dreams of flying. Kelly told her about the animal shelter that was magic and that day she borrowed Barnaby. Barnaby told Brianna about what happened and ask if she can be a Pretty Cure. Brianna said yes and Barnaby gave her a tourmaline and a pink watch. She become Cure Wild and Kelly and Kotesu saw her transformation. Her attack is Wild Star.

Brianna barlow

cure wild`s human form

Kate Lent/Cure Ice

—  Kate is a daughter of a English news reporter who hates superheroes.  When Kate is young she tried to trick her dad to become a villain. Then the day she met Kelly, Kelly and Brianna have talked to Kate about the animal shelter. Kate founded Karina and in Karina`s forehead is a gem that Kotesu gave her. It was a turquoise. Kate grab that and fade a light blue watch and then she turned into Cure Ice. Her attack is Ice Rose.

Kate lent

cure ice`s human form

Kylie Gretchen/Cure Sky

—  Kylie is the leader of the school magazine. She is a amazing designer. Kylie went nuts when Kelly, Brianna and Kate told her what is the animal shelter like  and showed what happened to the rest of the school magazine team. Later she went to it to see if its false but Kelly and her friends are right. She found Kevin and when it was dinner when Kylie tried to wash Kevin's dish she found the amethyst and the purple watch, that made her to transform into Cure Sky. Kevin was surprised to see her in her Precure outfit. Her attack is Sky Swirl.