Pretty Cures/The Earth of LifeEdit

  • Hamjo Kiki - Kiki is a 14 years old girl. Her theme color is pink and red, while her element is thunder. In civilian look, she has dark pink hair in a one-sided ponytail held by a red ribbon and brown eyes, while, as Cure Storm, she has longer light pink hair and red eyes, while wearing a pink dress, wristbands, socks, shoes, choker, and earrings. She is a Japanese-Chinese.
  • Retim Jess - Jess is a 14 years old girl. Her theme color is blue and violet, while her element is music/sound. In her civillian look, she has shoulder length navy blue hair with a violet ribbon on it and olive eyes, while, as Cure Thunder, she has longer cyan hair and golden eyes, wearing a blue dress, wristbands, boots, choker and earrings. She is a Japanese-Australian.
  • Takyo Abby - Abby is a 14 years old girl. In episode 23, Abby tranforms into Cure Smash. She can tranform into Pit until episode 23. Her theme color is green and yellow, while her element is earth. In her civillian look, she has short green hair and grey eyes, while, as Cure Smash, she had longer light green hair with a yellow headband and sliver eyes, while wearing a green dress, wristbands, boots, choker, and earrings. She is a another Japanese-Australian.
  • Sato Mao - Mao is a 11-years-old girl (in the canon seasons,.only Ako/Cure Muse is younger)

Mascots/Kingdom of StormEdit

  • Yoyo is Kiki's mascot. He looks like a male kangaroo like creature.
  • Tacky is Jess's mascot. He looks like a male penguin like creature.
  • Pit is Abby's mascot. She looks like a female eagle like creature. She can tranform into Abby until episode 23.

Villans/Vampire StormEdit

  • Mampire
  • Hampire
  • Campire
  • Jampire


  • Jam Peoples
  • Jam Classmades
  • Kiki's Parents
  • Jess's Parents
  • Abby's Parents
  • Tamko Lucas
  • Waloto Kaito
  • Hamko Ted



  • This is another fanseries has one female mascot.

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