Shugo Chara and Pretty Cure All Stars DX! Protect The Rainbow Glittering Garden! (しゅごキャラ と プリキュアオールスターズDX! 虹庭をきらびやかな保護!, Shugo Kyara to Precure All Stars Dx! Niji Niwa wo Kirabiyaka na hogo!) is a crossover movie which brings all Pretty Cures Faction and Shugo Chara. It first movie to features GoGoHeart Pretty Cure!.

Its rumored to feature a sequel one called "Shugo Chara and Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2! Everyone's Together - The power of friendshipness!" and features Sergeant Keroro in the movie.


Series: Shugo Chara 4ever!, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, Fresh Pretty Cure!, Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, GoGoHeart Pretty Cure!.

Songs: Leave it to the♪Guardians (opening)~~For You (ending)

Followed by: Shugo Chara and Pretty Cure All Star DX2! Everyone's Together - The Power of Friedshipness!


Amu Hinamori, Yaya Yuiki, Rima Mashiro, Dan Kuso, Baron Leltoy, and Marucho Marukura heading towards to Fujita Akane's Takoyaki shop, Yaya is confused where they are going to where so Miki decided to ask people where the direction is so Dan start to ask a School Girl, then Misumi Nagisa turns back then Amu shocked, they became grew closer after asking where the direction then Nagisa help them to find the way also she intends to go there as well, after they arrive in Fujita Akane's Takoyaki Shop they meet with the others and meet Honoka Yukishiro and Kujou Hikari who is Nagisa's friend, they also meet Yumehara Nozomi and Kasugano Urara arrive in there, later Amu and Nozomi knocks their heads off then faint with all the rest panic.

Meanwhile, some strange dark cloud in the sky. From the remaint's of Zakenna, Uzaina, Kowainas, Hoshina, and Nakewameke's with the X-egg's energy then combine into a X-Kames that crash into the world of Rainbow, while the Princess worries so much, she called the cures before she faints. After awhile, Nozomi wakes up and found Coco and Ran appears in her face making her shock of frightening while the others take care of Amu after knocks out consciously. Shun's sneaks ot while Urara and Yaya spies on him, later he meets Tatsuno Malm and Tachikawa Mio comes by to visit Nozomi lately, Mio became to blush after seeing Shun later Urara and Yaya interupts it and Shun later go outs. Mira ask the girls about shun but the outhers don't know where he going so Mira imidiates to find him.

Marucho laters follows her until meet Hyuuga Saki and Kiryu Michiru...

To Be Continued...