Pretty CuresEdit

Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale Team

  • Lowell Meiko/Cure Timer
  • Hatsune Benita/Cure Sword
  • Kagamine Joy/Cure Whip
  • Hapita Momo/Cure Hammer
  • Farku Neru/Boomerang Galaxy

Pretty Cure Countdown Musume Team

  • Kitahara Erika/Cure Pink Heart
  • Fujimoto Yuri/Curer Blue Spade
  • Goto Karen/Cure Yellow Diamond
  • Maeda Kanon/Cure Green Club
  • Yajima Aina/Cure Red Sun
  • Miyoshi Utau/Cure Purple Star
  • Tsugunaga Risa/Cure Orange Cross




Movie CharactersEdit


  • OP: Kirakira kawaii! Pretty Cure Daishuugou ~Inochi no Hana~ - Kudou Mayu, Kojou Mayumi, Uchiya Eyuka
  • ED:


  • Meiko is the only to have a same surname as Marth from Fire Emblem.
  • Benita and Joy is the only to have a same surnames and Miku and Rin from Vocaloid.
  • Momo and Neru are the only does not have a same surname but is a fanmade surname.
  • Erika, Yuri, Karen, Kanon, Aina, Utau and Risa is the only to have a same surnames as the others from Hello! Project.

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