This is a movie. It take up 21 cures and 22 mascots.


Miki finds it and pick up some flowers when her friends is coming up. After that, Miki and her friends meets Martha, Gumi and Ikuko. Finally Miki meet other friends to take to the ship.

When arriving on the camp's town, it was the town's summer festival. The girls made new friends, and had the fun of their lifes until all twenty of the girl's heared a voice telling them to come to the Diamond Cave. Finally, when they try to retrieve it, they fall through a sort of trapdoor in the land and into an land cave. As they came in to a cave with a hidden room full of bright crystals to meet the one person who invited them all, a young seal named Peachy, the protector of the Shining Diamonds that have been keeping peace on the Island for generations. Peachy explained to them that the Diamonds and the Camp are in danger by a band of Evil Seals who once tried to take the Diamonds 100 years ago have been sealed at the bottom of the Ocean called the Bad SealEmblem. The 100 year seal has been weaking as Peachy worries for her home and the Diamonds, so she called upon the many Pretty Cures to help her project the Camp.

Once the seal was broken the members of Bad SealEmblem escape and cause trouble around the Festival, as the girls transformed into Pretty Cure to stop them from causing anymore trouble. Soon they meet the leader, DarkSeal, as making things hard for Pretty Cure to defeat this Evil Seals. All hope seemed lost to the girls, but their mascots, Peachy, and the people of the Camp gave them the power from their Diamond jewels giving them the power to transform into the Sparking Pretty Cures.

After the battle with DarkSeal, the Island was finally in peace and to have nomore worries about the Evil Seals, the girls started to enjoy the rest of their week vaction and the festival's bonfire party.


Pretty CuresEdit

Kokoro Pretty Cure♣ Team

  • Satoda Miki/Cure Clover
  • Morozuka Amu/Cure Heart
  • Miyoshi Miku/Cure Star
  • Ishimura Setsuna/Cure Spade
  • Mori Kaiko/Cure Diamond

Royal Pretty Cure† Team

  • Kuramochi Martha/Cure Cross
  • Oita Gumi/Cure Mine
  • Takigawa Ikuko/Cure Trapped

Pretty Cure School Days! Team

  • Kasi Iko/Cure Rose
  • Hasco Rina/Cure Ike
  • Gimi Ami/Cure Tyke

Pingu Pretty Cure! Team

  • Ikso Airi/Cure Pingu
  • Camko Aika/Cure Pinga
  • Yamto Momoko/Cure Robby
  • Megko Miyabi/Cure Pingo
  • Saito Anri/Cure Pingg
  • Tanabe Utau/Cure Pongi
  • Tasko Irori/Cure Pingi
  • Damko Ikuko/Cure Punki

Fire Emblem Pretty Cure! Team

  • Suzuki Lyn/Cure Fire
  • Tsugunaga Kaiko/Cure Poker


  • Koko (KPC)
  • Ran (KPC)
  • Kaito (KPC)
  • Yoko (KPC)
  • Bajoo (KPC)
  • Lena (RPC)
  • George (RPC)
  • Ryan (RPC)
  • Roseko (PCSD)
  • Iketo (PCSD)
  • Tike (PCSD)
  • Marthko (PCSD)
  • Kyile (PPC)
  • Larry (PPC)
  • Cartha (PPC)
  • David (PPC)
  • Benita (PPC)
  • Johnny (PPC)
  • Courtney (PPC)
  • Morgan (PPC)
  • Angela (FEPC)
  • Hike (FEPC)


  • Bad SealEmblem
  • Dark Seal


  • Peachy - A young seal who is the current protector of the Shining Diamonds of the Camp.