Missle Blast the purification attack that Cure Timer can use in Jet Boot Pretty Cure!. It is one of the ways to pastly to Chaosdeep, so it is considered a finishing move. It can requaires Timer Axe to do Pink Clock Pastly Shower.


Cure Timer summons her Timer Rocket. Then she jumps until a pink light on the axe lights up in to the heart symbol. Then, the symbol starts to glow with clock energy, then she spins around with using the attack name. Then, she draws a heart that in the circle of the Chaosdeep energy, then shoots at it with a Heart symbol at the back and purify it.




Literal TranslationEdit

Cure Timer: "The Power of Emblem Heart, Timer Rocket!"

Cure Timer: "The Dark Heart shall pastly away!"

Cure Timer: "Pretty Cure! Missle Blast!"

Pink Clock Pastly ShowerEdit

After Cure Timer gets the Timer Axe, her power changes and increase. First, she press the button on the axe then a sharp-claw comes forth. Shethen swing her axe then traces a heart symbol on the clear area, after that, she thrust the axe forward, and shoot the symbol onto the target and purifies it with a pink hearts.

Red Fire Purify Shower IncantationEdit




Cure Timer: "Bring the power of Emblem Heart!"

Cure Timer: "The Clock of Emblem Heart, Timer Axe!"

Cure Timer: "The Dark Heart shall pastly away!"

Cure Timer: "Pretty Cure! Pink Clock Pastly Shower!"