There are list of all the fanmade Pretty Cures.


NOTE: Please go to purifanstar or PrecureLike for more Pretty Cures.

Pretty Cures in Futari wa Pretty Cure series

Futari wa Pretty Cure: Life Blast

  • Cure Spike
  • Cure Myth
  • Cure Banjo
  • Cure Pearl
  • Cure Link

Futari wa Pretty Cure: Reborn Birth

  • Cure Pride
  • Cure Grace

Futari wa Pretty Cure Eclipse!

  • Cure Blaze
  • Cure Star
  • Cure Hope
  • Cure Melody (fanmade)

Pretty Cures in Non-Futari wa Pretty Cure series

Jet Boot Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Timer
  • Cure Sword
  • Cure Whip
  • Cure Hammer

GoGoHeart Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Flame
  • Cure Air
  • Cure Aquos
  • Cure Spring
  • Cure Dragon

Emblem Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Royal
  • Cure Butch
  • Cure Lightning
  • Cure Power

Grand Precure

  • Cure Star
  • Cure Heart

Storm Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Storm
  • Cure Thunder
  • Cure Smash

Kokoro Pretty Cure♣

  • Cure Clover
  • Cure Heart
  • Cure Star
  • Cure Spade
  • Cure Diamond

Royal Pretty Cure†

  • Cure Cross
  • Cure Mine
  • Cure Trapped

Pretty Cure School Days!

  • Cure Rose
  • Cure Ike
  • Cure Tyke

Pingu Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Pingu
  • Cure Pinga
  • Cure Robby
  • Cure Pingo
  • Cure Pingg
  • Cure Pongi
  • Cure Pingi
  • Cure Punki

Fire Emblem Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Fire
  • Cure Poker

Other Pretty Cures/Fighters

These other Pretty Cures are fighters. Also other Pretty Cures cannot tranform into human forms.