• Gender: Female
  • Season: Jet Boot Pretty Cure!, Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale
  • Age: 14 (Jet Boot Pretty Cure!), 15 (Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale, movie 1), 16 (movie 2)
  • Eye Color:
    • Grey (Benita)
    • Blue-Green (Cure Sword)
    • Light Blue-Green (Moonshine Sword)
  • Hair Color:
    • Blue (Benita)
    • Blue-Green (Cure Sword)
    • Cyan (Moonshine Sword)
  • Homeplace: Chaos City
  • Relatives: Hatsune Rosalina (mother), Hatsune David (father), Hatsune Iggy (older brother), Hatsune Heather (older sister), Hatsune Miku (daughter), Hatsune Lightning (cousin), Robbie the Seal (pet)
  • First Episode: JBPC01
  • Alter Ego: Cure Sword
  • Theme Color: Blue (main), Teal (sub)
  • Intro Phrase: The thunder who has the sword, Cure Sword!


  • Attack: Precure, Sword Dancer!
  • With Meiko: Precure, Ginger Power!
  • With Meiko and Joy: Precure, Super Blast!
  • With Meiko, Joy and Momo: Precure, Critical Hit!
  • With Meiko, Joy, Momo and Neru: Magical Finale!


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Become a Pretty CureEdit

Passion for SingingEdit