• Gender: Female
  • Season: Jet Boot Pretty Cure!, Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale
  • Age: 14 (Jet Boot Pretty Cure!), 15 (Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale, movie 1), 16 (movie 2)
  • Eye Color:
    • Dark Blue (Momo)
    • Ocean Blue (Cure Hammer)
    • Light Blue (Moonshine Hammer)
  • Hair Color:
    • Brown (Momo)
    • Red (Cure Hammer)
    • Pink (Moonshine Hammer)
  • Homeplace: Chaos City
  • Relatives: Hapita Yoko (mother), Hapita Colin (father), Hapita Jack (older brother), Hapita Tina (older sister), Hapita Lizzy (grandmother)
  • First Episode: JBPC01
  • Alter Ego: Cure Hammer
  • Theme Color: Purple (main), Orange (sub)
  • Intro Phrase: The grape who has the hammer, Cure Hammer!


  • Attack: Precure, Hammer Time!
  • With Meiko, Benita and Joy: Precure, Critical Hit!
  • With Meiko, Benita, Joy and Neru: Magical Finale!


Early LifeEdit

Become a Pretty CureEdit

Passion for DrawingEdit



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