GoGoHeart Pretty Cure! is the eight series and the first fanfic series.The series focuses on four cures Tatsuno Malm, Tachikawa Mio, Yumegawa Mikoto and Yumegawa Erika who is the chosen one search by Cure Dragon, Corry, Coffu, Lilly and Luna after the defeated Cure Phoenix. In the midway through season, Mitsumoto Yoshida was a pretty cure and later joined them also Yumehara Nozomi, Coco, Akimoto Komachi and Natts joined them.


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Pretty Cures/Legend of the イルSkyEdit

Tatsuno Malm (竜野マルム,Tatsuno Malm)

The Hyper-actived and clueless girl is the main leader Pretty Cures. She is been liked by people in the school and hates anyone who was suffering. Her Feeling Jewel is Purple Heart. Her alter ego is Cure Flame.

Tachikawa Mio (太刀川 ミオ, Tachikawa Mio)

The Shyest pretty cure but also noisy. She is jealous about her sister. Her Feeling Jewel is White Diamond also can turn into red. Her alter ego is Cure Air.

Yumegawa Mikoto (夢宇治 マの子に, Yumegawa Mikoto)

The oldest of the pretty cures. Sister of Erika, sometimes she been jealous by other students. Her Feeling Jewel is Blue Star. Her alter ego is Cure Aquos.

Yumegawa Erika (夢宇治 えりか, Yumegawa Erika)

The youngest of the pretty cures. Sister of Mikoto, sometimes been liked by the other students. Her Feeling Jewel is Green Cherry. Her alter ego is Cure Spring.

Yumehara Nozomi (夢原 のぞみ, Yumehara Nozomi)

The unofficial leader of the pretty cures, She joined the cures with Komachi,Coco, and Natts. Her Feeling Jewel is Pink Butterfly. Her alter ego is Cure Dream.

Akimoto Komachi (秋元 こまち, Akimoto Komachi)

The calmest of the cures, She joined the cures with Nozomi,Coco, and Natts. Her Feeling Jewel is Green Leaf. Her alter ego is Cure Mint.

Mitsumoto Yoshida (光本 吉田, Mitsumoto Yoshida)

A Young Boy who is revealed Cure Dragon who is Cure Phoenix's sister, transfer to Malm's Class. Later, The cures revealed Yoshida's secret. His alter ego is Cure Dragon.

Cure Phoenix (キュア フェニックス, kyua fenikkusu)

The previous generation of the cures. She died after sacrifice to save Coffu, Corry, Lilly, and Luna and her Sister sending them to another place. She appears to have been adviced the stolen hearts and in the cures dream before being a pretty cure.


Dark Cure (ダーク キュア, Daaku Kyua)

one of Twilights member, she is the one to deafeat Cure Phoenix with her Dark Wand, She is the emperor's right man she also been battling the cures by winning them,but defeated by the combine attacks.

Sanoria (サノリア, Sano ria)

one of Twilight's member, she is the only female of the managers. She attacks the enemy with her hair that can transform into a snake,She can tranform into a snake.

Nurari (ぬらり, Nura ri)

World of HeartsEdit