• Gender: Female
  • Season: Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale
  • Age: 15 (Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale), 16 (movie)
  • Eye Color:
    • Olive (Neru)
    • Golden (Boomerang Galaxy)
  • Hair Color:
    • Green (Neru)
    • Lime-Green (Boomerang Galaxy)
  • Homeplace: Chaos City
  • Relatives: Farku Miki (mother), Farku Kaito (father), Farku Ellen (older sister), Farku Ran (older brother)
  • First Episode: JBPCF01
  • Alter Ego: Boomerang Galaxy
  • Theme Color: Lime-Green (main), White (sub)
  • Intro Phrase: The pear who has the boomerang to get from Boomerang Brothers, Boomerang Galaxy!


  • Attack: Boomerang, Napsack Catch Fire!
  • With Meiko, Benita, Joy and Momo: Magical Finale!


Early LifeEdit

Become a FighterEdit



  • Unlike Akita Neru from Vocaloid, Neru was a new character in the series Jet Boot Pretty Cure! Finale.
  • Neru is the only have olive eyes like Ellen from Suite Pretty Cure♪.


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