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♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ is a live-action magical girls, based on the Hello! Project group "Morning Musume", but the member's name has been renamed it.


  • All the Morning Musume members will become a Pretty Cure.
  • This series has a rainbow theme.
  • Member's name has been renamed it like Mari to Ami.
  • This is the only has a Morning Musume's magical girls series.
  • This is the only has two cures that is not in their human form (Cure Stone and Random Rainbow Cure).


Ami, a Japanese-Vietnamese who move from Vietnam to Japan with her family. That she makes friends and then meets Melody, the Prince of the Kingdom of Dash, now she along with a few other friends and other mascots, must protect Melody and other mascots and save the Kingdom of Dash as Rainbow Star Pretty Cure!


Pretty Cures/Hello! Project SistersEdit

Rainbow Pretty Cures

Pretty Cures in a human form with Rainbow hats (without Momoko).

  • Ami/Cure Music - Ami is a Japanese-Vietnamese person and also is the leader of the team. As her human form, her surname is Yamki. As Cure Music, her theme colours are pink and magenta, her shape is heart and her element is music/sound.
  • Saki/Cure Water - Saki is the co-leader of the team. As her human form, her surname is Shugo. As Cure Water, her theme colour is blue, her shape is spade and her element is water.
  • Miki/Cure Earth - Miki is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Fuki. As Cure Earth, her theme colour is green, her shape is club/clover and her element is earth.
  • Luka/Cure Light - Luka is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Suzami. As Cure Light, her theme colour is yellow, her shape is diamond and her element is light.
  • Yuki/Cure Fire - Yuki is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Samki. As Cure Fire, her theme colour is red, her shape is equals and her element is fire.
  • Airi/Cure Thunder - Airi is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Kobo. As Cure Thunder, her theme colour is purple, her shape is star and her element is thunder.
  • Utau/Cure Air - Utau is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Iksuko. As Cure Air, her theme colour is orange, her shape is square and her element is air.
  • Hanon/Cure Snow - Hanon is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Kokoso. As Cure Snow, her theme colour is white, her shape is triangle and her element is snow.
  • Irori/Cure Oil - Irori is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Kokorozuki. As Cure Oil, her theme colour is black, her shape is circle and her element is death.
  • Ikuko/Cure Mud - Ikuko is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Ikicamko. As Cure Mud, her theme colour is brown, her shape is rectangle and her element is mud.
  • Miku/Cure Ice - Miku is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Dinna. As Cure Ice, her theme colours are violet and navy blue, her shape is moon and her element is ice.
  • Amu/Cure Spell - Amu is the member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Gaki. As Cure Spell, her theme colour is grey, her shape is cone and her element is all types of spells.
  • Momoko/Cure Sand - Momoko is the missing member of the team. As her human form, her surname is Uma. As Cure Sand, her theme colour is blonde, her shape is cross and her element is sand. She will be appear in episode 12 to 50.
  • Cure Stone - A 50 years old Cure but 18 was hacking. Little know about her at this time. Her theme colours are sliver and gold, her shape is hexagon and her element is darkness. She will be appear in episodes 49 and 50.
  • Random Rainbow Cure - A black random cure that appears in movie 2. Little know about her at this. Her theme colours are teal and cyan, her shape is question mark and her elements are electricity and love.

Mascots/Kingdom of DashEdit

  • Melody the Male Bird - Melody is Ami's male mascot. His theme colour is pink (like Kirby and Pink Panther).
  • Aquos the Female Seal - Aquos is Saki's female mascot. Her theme colour is blue.
  • Grass the Male Cat
  • Sunshine the Female Dog
  • Flame the Male Dragon
  • Crash the Female Rabbit
  • Windy the Male Bear
  • Puff the Female Loin
  • Shadow the Male Fox
  • Sticky the Female Tiger
  • Freeze the Male Hedgehog
  • Emblem the Female Kangaroo
  • Sandley the Male Penguin
  • Rocky the Female Lynx
  • Random the Male Spider


  • FakeRainbowClay - The monsters that summon by FakeStar.
  • Poison Pinkis - The leader of the FakeStar. Her theme colour is red. She has killed by Cure Music.
  • Poison Ocean - The co-captain of the FakeStar. His theme colour is blue. He has killed by Cure Water.
  • Poison Penguin - The member of the FakeStar. His theme colour is black. He has killed by Cure Earth.
  • Poison Seal - The member of the FakeStar. His theme colour is grey. He has killed by Cure Light.
  • Poison Bird - The missing member of FakeStar. Her theme colour is dark pink. She will be appear in episode 21 to 50. She has killed by all the Pretty Cures.
  • Poison Cat - The 2nd missing member of FakeStar. His theme colour is green. He will be appear in episode 22 to 47. He has killed by Cure Sand.



Ami's Family

  • Karen (Ami's mother)
  • Marsu (Ami's father)
  • Yoshi (Ami's older brother)
  • Setsuna (Ami's older sister)
  • Akaiko (Ami's grandmother)
  • Yuko (Ami's daughter)

Saki's Family

  • Mai (Saki's mother)
  • Taro (Saki's father)
  • Ren (Saki's older brother)
  • Sora (Saki's older sister)

Miki's Family

  • Hoshi (Miki's mother)
  • Akira (Miki's father)
  • Ikuto (Miki's older brother)
  • Ran (Miki's older sister)

Luka's Family

  • Ai (Luka's mother)
  • Terada (Luka's father)
  • Ryo (Luka's older brother)
  • Teto (Luka's older sister)



  • Yoko (Ami's friend)
  • Rina (Saki's friend)
  • Luchia (Miki's friend)
  • Erika (Luka's friend)
  • Sakura (Yuki's friend)
  • Meiko (Airi's friend)
  • Kaiko (Utau's friend)
  • Rin (Hanon's friend)
  • Risako (Irori's friend)
  • Yuri (Ikuko's friend)
  • Aika (Miku's friend)
  • Neru (Amu's friend)
  • Haku (Momoko's friend)
  • Megumi (Ami's 2nd friend)
  • Kanon (Saki's 2nd friend)
  • Miyabi (Miki's 2nd friend)
  • Risa (Luka's 2nd friend)
  • Erina (Yuki's 2nd friend)
  • Aina (Airi's 2nd friend)
  • Yurina (Utau's 2nd friend)
  • Nozomi (Hanon's 2nd friend)
  • Reina (Irori's 2nd friend)
  • Momo (Ikuko's 2nd friend)
  • Maiha (Miku's 2nd friend)
  • Aya (Amu's 2nd friend)
  • Moka (Momoko's 2nd friend)
  • Mari (Ami's 3rd friend)
  • Mika (Saki's 3rd friend)
  • Maki (Miki's 3rd friend)
  • Yurika (Luka's 3rd friend)
  • Momoka (Yuki's 3rd friend)
  • Ruko (Airi's 3rd friend)
  • Maimi (Utau's 3rd friend)


  • Ken (Ami's boyfriend)
  • Nesu (Saki's boyfriend)



Dream Sound, Tokyo - The fanmade town where Ami and her friends is.

  • Dream Sound High School - The high school where Ami and her friends goes to. The school uniforms are Grey, Red, Blue and White, and the sports uniforms are Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.
  • Dream Sound Primary School - The primary school where the young kids goes to.
  • Dream Sound Park - Is a town park and it's home to many different species of animals and plants, including the bird flower, so-called because of it's blue color with yellow stripes. It also has a playground and a numerous fields that host football, soccer, cricket, basketball and baseball games.
  • Dream Sound Deli - The two-store deli that Ami's family owns. Serves delicious sausages and cheese sandwiches.
  • Dream Sound Hospital - The hospital that Saki's family owns.
  • Dream Sound Zoo - The local zoo located in the park.
  • Dream Sound Mall - The mall where the second Dream Sound Deli restaurant is located, and the popular clothing store "Fashion Clothing Stone".
  • Dream Sound Church - The church that Miki's family owns.
  • Dream Sound Sweet Store - The store that Luka's family owns. Serves delicious lollies, lollypops and sweets.
  • Dream Sound Library - The library which has all the books (or mangas) you can imagine that Yuki's family owns.
  • Dream Sound Bank - The bank that Airi's family owns.
  • Dream Sound Workshop (Dream Sound Koubou) - the workshop that Utau's family owns.
  • Dream Sound Ice-Cream Store - The store that Hanon's family owns. Serves delicious ice-cream cups, ice-cream cones and ice-cream cakes.
  • Dream Sound Cafe - An internet cafe with free Wi-Fi and the finest espressos in Dream Sound and video arcade located next to the mall.



Cure Music

  • Normal: "A Ring Goes to the Sound! Pretty Cure! Music Ringer!"
  • Power-Up: "The Hrap Sounds Like This! Pretty Cure! Music Sing!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Everyone, It's Time to Attack! Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"

Cure Water

  • Normal: "A Ring Goes to the Ocean! Pretty Cure! Water Ringer!"
  • Power-Up: "The Sword Slashes Like This! Pretty Cure! Water Slash!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"

Cure Earth

  • Normal: "A Ring Goes to the Land! Pretty Cure! Earth Ringer!"
  • Power-Up: "The Gun Shoots Like This! Pretty Cure! Gun Power!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"

Cure Light

  • Normal: "A Ring Goes to the Sun! Pretty Cure! Light Ringer!"
  • Power-Up: "The Hammer Bangs Like This! Pretty Cure! Hammer Swing!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"

Cure Fire

  • Normal: "A Ring Goes to the Burn! Pretty Cure! Fire Ringer!"
  • Power-Up: "The Whip Slams Like This! Pretty Cure! Whip Spinner!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"

Cure Thunder

  • Normal: "A Pike Goes to the Storm! Pretty Cure! Thunder Sharp!"
  • Power-Up: "The Parasol Flys Like This! Pretty Cure! Parasol Rain!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"

Cure Air

  • Normal: "A Spary Goes to the Sky! Pretty Cure! Air Rise!"
  • Power-Up: "The Fan Freshs Like This! Pretty Cure! Fan Blow!"
  • Group without Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Strike!"
  • Group with Cure Sand: "Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"


  • Rainbow Lock - The series transformation devices for Cure Music, Water, Earth, Light, Fire, Thunder, Air, Snow, Oil, Mud, Ice and Spell. Shaped like a lock with a hole in the middle, the transformation call is "Pretty Cure! Open Heart!" The colors comes to pink, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, orange, white, black, brown, violet and grey.
  • Rainbow Key - A key where the Pretty Cures' (except Cure Sand) hold the Rainbow Lock after they transform.
  • Sand Phone - The transformation device for Cure Sand. Shaped like a phone, the transformation call is "Pretty Cure! Beat Cross!"
  • Cross Card - A card where the Cure Sand hold the Sand Phone after they transform.
  • Rainbow Star - An invisible, mystical power that surrounds one's star, making it glow. Everyone starts out with a bright star. But when the mystical power becomes visible, a Star flower with 13 petals, each with a different color representing the 13 Pretty Cures (Pink for Cure Music, Blue for Cure Water, Green for Cure Earth, Yellow for Cure Light, Red for Cure Fire, Purple for Cure Thunder, Orange for Cure Air, White for Cure Snow, Black for Cure Oil, Brown for Cure Mud, Violet for Cure Ice, Grey for Cure Spell and Blonde for Cure Sand).
  • Cure Ring - Cure Music, Water, Earth, Light and Fire's weapon.
  • Cure Pike - Cure Thunder's weapon.
  • Cure Spray - Cure Air's weapon.
  • Cure Katana - Cure Snow, Oil, Mud, Ice and Spell's weapon.
  • Cure Pen - Cure Sand's weapon.
  • Cure Stuff - Cure Stone's weapon.
  • Cure Pot - The pots which the Cures collect after defeating the monster of the day. It is a weapon by use by a Cure Ring, Cure Pike, Cure Spray, Cure Katana and Cure Pen and Cure Stuff goes into the pot to use attacks after say "Pretty Cure!" they open a weapon to defeat enemies.
  • Rainbow Weapons - The power-up weapons. These weapons are:
    • Music Harp
    • Water Sword
    • Earth Gun
    • Light Hammer
    • Fire Whip
    • Thunder Parasol
    • Air Fan
    • Snow Mirror
    • Oil Bow and Arrow
    • Mud Paintbrush
    • Ice Spade
    • Spell Spoon
    • Sand Fork
    • Stone Wand
  • Dia Key - A power-up key where the Pretty Cures' hold the Rainbow Lock after they transform into Cure Sliver.


Number Title/Dub Title Bio Release Date
1 The Heart Music Cure! Cure Music Makes an Debut!/First Cure Ami wakes up and she moves from Vietnam to Japan with her family. Finally, Ami was a first fighter to become a Pretty Cure. But Ami's friends can't tranaform yet! 6 March, 2011
2 Two Cures! Cure Water and Cure Earth is Here!/Two Cures Saki and Miki wants to become a Pretty Cure, because no one likes summer. 4 April, 2011
3 Another One! Cure Light and Cure Fire is Here!/Five Cures Luka and Yuki wants to become a Pretty Cure, because of the fear of flies. 12 April, 2011
4 Next One Please? Cure Thunder and Cure Air is Here!/Seven Cures Airi and Utau wants to become a Pretty Cure, because of the thunder crash into the trees all over the place. 20 April, 2011
5 Can You Find It? Cure Snow and Cure Oil is Here!/Nine Cures Hanon and Irori wants to become a Pretty Cure, because of the fire on the sticks. 22 May, 2011
6 Completing the Team! Cure Mud, Cure Ice and Cure Spell is Here!/Full Cures Ikuko, Miku and Amu wants to become a Pretty Cure, because the knife drop into Ami's room. 11 June, 2011
7 Shopping Day Afternoon!/Going Shopping Ami and her friends are going shooping to go to fashion, then they came to the clothes shop and the food shop. 21 June, 2011
8 New Path? What?!/Berry Paths Ami and her friends came to a new path. Finally, Poison Pinkis gets to summon a strawberry turn into a monster. 3 July, 2011
OVA 1 Pretty Cure All-Stars Fanon-Action: The Sun and the Moon The girls from Hello! Project (member's name renamed it) arrive at a hotel at Tokyo, but then a darkness appears. However, they don't know that some other Pretty Cures were here as well! (Other Cures from Futari wa Pretty Cure: Spade Sun and Diet Pretty Cure☼) 6 July, 2011
9 Fire Emblem? Cure Fire Attack!/Cure Fire Power (Part 1 of 2) No one likes "Fire Emblem", because the sword turn into a monster and let Cure Fire use her new powers. 10 July, 2011
10 Pingu? Cure Ice Attack!/Cure Ice Power (Part 2 of 2) No one likes "Pingu", because the napsack turn into a monster and let Cure Ice use her new powers. 19 July, 2011
11 Spelling Bee? Finally is Here!/Spelling Book Bee Ami and Luka brought a Spelling Bee book, that she wants to spell with. 26 July, 2011
12 New Girl in School? Her Name is Momoko? What!/New Girl Momoko comes to new school with Ami and her friends, next Momoko saw some other friends in the classroom. 3 August, 2011
13 A Royal Garden? I Got It in Shugo Chara!/A Sword Garden Ami and her friends came to a Royal Garden, they saw some flowers, roses and... swords? Ami was very angry about swords and they take them away and sword is not a flower. 11 August, 2011
14 Go for the Gold! The Sports Festival is Here!/Get the Gold A sports festival will be held in Gifu, with the few events all over the oval, with the grand prize of $1,000,000. 25 August, 2011
15 Ami, Let Me Build a New Room!/Another Room Ami needs her new room to build with. But Ami's mother and Ami's father gets their objects. 6 September, 2011
16 How Can I Sleep? The Nightmares of Hanon!/Too Dark Hanon gets a fear of dark, because no one likes to sleep. 12 September, 2011
17 Colours? A Rainbow Comes?!/Rainbow Paper But... Red, Orange, Yellow, Blonde, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet, Pink, Grey, White, Brown and Black? Ami comes to school and Ami gets her new paper at school. 16 September, 2011
18 My Spelling Bee? Unlock!/Amulet Cure Ami wants to transform into Amulet Music, because she wants a new Pretty Cure form. 22 September, 2011
19 How I Do A Cure Attack?/First Test Ami transforms into Cure Music to do fighting test. 5 October, 2011
20 Stop It Right Now!/Stop, Look and Listen Ami and Amu finds a stop sign, then it pulled and they cannot take home. 12 October, 2011
21 A New Pretty Cure! Cure Sand is Here!/New Cure Momoko needs to become a Pretty Cure, because Ami and her friends got lost so they could turn into Pretty Cure. 15 October, 2011
22 School is Late! Hurry Up!/Late for School Amu runs to school at 12:00pm, because she needs to sit with. 16 October, 2011
23 A Paper Spade is Here!/Fake Spade in the Beach Ami and her friends went to the beach, but she saw a fake spade as a paper. 17 October, 2011
24 Beets is Bad?! Yuck!/Bad Russian Food Ami does not like Russian food because is bad. 18 October, 2011
25 Something Can See... A Monster?!/Do Not Met a Monster Ami and her friends visit FakeStar and a monster but Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure. 19 October, 2011
26 Musical Girls is Hello! Project?/All for One Ami and her friends is joining Morning Musume to see Risa Niigaki and other members from Morning Musume and other groups but Risa Niigaki kicked the girls out. 20 October, 2011
27 Cure Music's New Attack! Musical Power!/Music Power Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure. But Cure Music has a power-up attack. 21 October, 2011
28 The Pretty Cure's New Powers! Rainbow Power!/Rainbow Full of Powers Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure. But the other Cures has a power-up attacks. 22 October, 2011
29 A Phone That Rings from Bed?!/Ring! Ding! Ami pick up her phone and they get ringed alot. But the phone turn into a monster by FakeStar and Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure. 23 October, 2011
30 Melon Time! Can You Eat It?/Eat the Melon Before is Running Out Ami ate a melon but she did not ate seeds so she planted into a melon. 26 October, 2011
31 The Pure Seeds is Here!/Open Your Seed Ami plant her seed to turn into a rose, but the FakeStar let turn a rose into a monster. Finally, Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure. 27 October, 2011
32 The Fear of Ghosts, Happy Halloween!/A Halloween Day Ami and her friends is doing trick or treat. But it is a fear of ghost. 31 October, 2011
33 Ami's Dairy/You Write Your Dairy Ami writes her bad writing in her dairy, but she needs to transform into a Pretty Cure along with her friends. 4 November, 2011
34 The School Day Off!/School Has Been Busy Ami and her friends has a busy day but it has a school's day off. 8 November, 2011
35 The Sea of Moon?!/Moonlight Action Ami saw the sea at night and she needs to sleep. When is 7:00am, Ami wakes up and get changed, after ate breakfast, Ami has to get from school with her friends. 10 November, 2011
36 No One Takes Place!/No Room Ami and her friends has no room because the people stole it. 20 November, 2011
37 A Bad Day of Utau, We are No Pretty Cures?!/Bad News Utau finds Ami and Ami's friends does not become a Pretty Cure because the FakeStar did not came. 22 November, 2011
38 The Bad Fighting?! What!/Silly Fighting Ami and her friends fighting in the bed. But Karen has a bad news for Ami and her friends. 29 November, 2011
39 Cure... Stone? Not Yet!/Magical Stone Ami draws a picture of Cure Stone and she starts colouring in. Ami's friends came and talking to Ami. 1 December, 2011
40 I Know! A Bad Writing!/Silly Writing Ami has a bad writing because of rushing, so Ami's teacher has to rub it out. 5 December, 2011
41 Let A Pretty Cure Fight Again!/Fight it from Repeat Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure to fight alot. 9 December, 2011
42 The Dance of Saki? Fake Dance!/Bad Dancer Saki has a bad dance but she fell on the floor but she do silly dances. 10 December
43 Stop It Ami! You Will Run Away!/Ran from Here Ami got shock and ran away from her friends. But Ami wants to be a Pretty Cure. 11 December, 2011
44 Pretty Cure! Open Heart... Fight!/The Heart Fight Ami and her friends became a Pretty Cure with a tranformation and fighting. 12 December, 2011
45 The Bad Phone! A Phone? Sorry!/Everyone's Phone Ami has her own card but a phone rings alot. But Ami put the card into the phone but it's keep ringing. 16 December, 2011
46 A New Christmas Eve!/Merry Christmas Ami and her friends gave presents to a family but the present open it. 25 December, 2011
47 A Fire Trapped!? Mascots Locked On!/You're Trapped Ami and her friends transform into a Pretty Cure because the mascots is trapped. Cure Sand uses her attack to defeat Poison Cat. December 28, 2011
48 Melody's Battle?!/The New Test Ami helps Melody to transform into a Pretty Cure to do fighting test. 21 January, 2012
49 The Final Battle! Take This!/Battle Finale Ami and her friends gain some wings to become Cure Sliver (like Cure Angel) and they takes a final battle. 5 February, 2012
50 The Rainbow is Full! And Now is Back to School!/School Returns The Pretty Cures is trying to save the Kingdom of Dash. Finally, Ami and her friends came back to school. 7 February, 2012
Movie 1 ♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ the Movie: A Spade Emblem Creation is a New Thing Just when the girls were bored, they spot a sword card. Then the girls move to camp and they saw a paper spade. In the end, the girls came back home. 26 February, 2012
Movie 2/OVA 2 ♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ the Movie 2: A Random Cure Got Attacked Ami and her friends finds a random cure so they could defeat us so they meet the other Pretty Cures (one of Hello! Project member's name renamed it) 12 March, 2012


  • OP1: Shining Power - Berryz Koubou
  • OP2: LALALA Shiawase no Uta - ℃-ute
  • OP3: Unforgettable - Melon Kinenbi
  • OPMovie1: Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW? - Berryz Koubou
  • OPMovie2: Go Girl Koi no Victory - Morning Musume
  • ED1: Rottara Rottara - Buono!
  • ED2: Dream Fighter - Perfume
  • ED3: Rival - Berryz Koubou
  • EDMovie: Let's Go with Piriri - Berryz Koubou


♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ OP1/ED1

  • Shining Power (full)
  • Rottara Rottara (full)
  • Shining Power (instumental)
  • Rottara Rottara (instrumental)

♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ OP2/ED2

  • LALALA Shiawase no Uta (full)
  • Dream Fighter (full)
  • LALALA Shiawase no Uta (instumental)
  • Dream Fighter (instrumental)

♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ OP3/ED3

  • Unforgettable (full)
  • Rival (full)
  • Unforgettable (instumental)
  • Rival (instumental)

♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠ OST1 (tracks so far)

  • Shining Power (TV size)
  • Disco Rainbow Star
  • Ami no Theme
  • Saki no Theme
  • Miki no Theme
  • Luka no Theme
  • Yuki no Theme
  • Airi no Theme
  • Utau no Theme
  • Rottara Rottara (TV size)

Character Songs

  • Cute Music (Ami)
  • Sea of Kindness (Saki)
  • Leaves Fall from Sky (Miki)
  • Sunlight Sun (Luka)
  • Fire and Lava (Yuki)
  • Thunder Like Crazy (Airi)
  • I Know Air, From the Sky (Utau)

Music from Episodes TableEdit

Title Episodes
Shining Power (OP1) 1-20
LALALA Shiawase no Uta (OP2) 21-48
Unforgettable (OP3) 49-50
Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW? (OPMovie) Movie
Rottara Rottara (ED1) 1-20
Dream Fighter (ED2) 21-48
Rival (ED3) 49-50
Let's Go with Piriri (EDMovie) Movie

Character OutfitEdit

See also: ♠Rainbow Star Pretty Cure♠/Character Outfit



  • Itadakimasu - Said before eating. Roughly means "Thank you for the food."
  • Kakko ii - Cool
  • Desu - Roughly translates to is, am, or are
  • Sugoi - Amazing
  • Arigatou (gozaimasu) - Thank you (very much)
  • Okaasan - Mother
  • Otousan - Father
  • Oniisan - Older brother
  • Oneesan - Older sister
  • Obaasan - Grandmother
  • Ojiisan - Grandfather
  • Musuko - Son
  • Musume - Daughter
  • Sensei - Teacher
  • Minna (san) - Everyone
  • Baka - Idiot
  • Gomen (na, ne, nasai) - Sorry
  • Futanari - Hermaphrodite (sorry XD)
  • Suteki - Wonderful
  • Dare da? - "Who goes there?"
  • Moshimoshi - Hello (on the phone)
  • Tasukeru - To help, to save
  • Onegai - Please
  • Nyan - Meow
  • Bishoujo - Pretty girl
  • Okashi - Snacks
  • Daisuki - Love, like very much
  • Daijoubu - It's all right
  • Warui - Bad
  • Oishii - Delicious
  • Kawaii - Cute
  • Habataku - To fly, to soar
  • Yosh! - An exclamation meaning "all right!" or "good!"
  • Mune pettan - Flat chest
  • Ja ne - See you later
  • Otouto - Younger brother
  • Miru - To see, to look
  • Iya - No
  • Kokoro - Heart
  • Henshin - Transformation
  • Nani kore - "What is it?"
  • Oppai - Japanese slang meaning "breasts"
  • Ohayou (gozaimasu) - Good morning



  • 虹スターはプリキュア


  • Morning Musume Pretty Cure
  • Colour It! Let's! Pretty Cure!


  • All the Pretty Cures are Japanese but Ami is a Japanese-Vietnamese.
  • Miki's theme color is not yellow, instead of green (like Amu's Character Transformation: Amulet Clover from Shugo Chara!).
  • This fanseries has a few Hello! Project songs from openings and endings (except ED2).
  • Tipping a hat to Suite Pretty Cure, the Cures always say "Attack!" right after performing their finishing moves, with their backs turned at the monster of the day as it explodes.
  • The transfromation say is "Open Heart!" but it's just like "Open My Heart!" from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.

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